Thomas’s Newborn Photos | Montgomery, AL


Alana and Ben are seriously two of the most awesome people I know! I’m so happy for them that they have just welcomed their son, Thomas. He was born on August 5th, and I visited them last weekend for some photos. When I arrived, Alana and her mom showed me all of the things they had picked out for his photo shoot. They chose items that are meaningful to their family – each blanket and outfit had it’s own story, which I LOVE! Even their house has been in Ben’s family for generations!

We had so much fun taking photos in Thomas’s adorable room. Alana and Ben decided to wait to find out their baby’s gender at birth. They did an amazing job creating a nursery that would be super cute either way! Loved spending time with this sweet fam. Many thanks to Alana’s mom, Jane, for all of her help!


I could not get over this amazing 1930s poster Alana found at a garage sale. Apparently they are hard to find now, but used to hang in a lot of pediatrician’s offices. Children trace the path with their fingers to learn about all of the fairy tale characters, from Peter Rabbit to Peter Pan!

8Photo-10022Photo-1010Photo-1011Photo-10183 Photo-1037

Love this biscuit bowl that has been passed down through Alana’s family. Perfect size for Thomas!

9 10 Photo-1045 Photo-1048

This was the last photo we took when Alana mentioned that the little light tree is her favorite part of Thomas’s nursery. Love! :)