When and where should we take photos?

I love shooting in locations that make sense for you, whether this is at home or out doing some of your favorite activities. I lean toward outdoor locations or interiors with big windows so we can use natural light. Since I have weddings most weekends I take portraits during the week. I suggest starting about 2 hours prior to sunset.

How long will our shoot last?

Portrait shoots are usually 1-1.5 hours. After doing many shoots throughout the years, I’ve come to feel that this is enough time to get a great range of photos, while being quick enough not to wear you out or leave you feeling too hungry. :) I suggest picking 1-2 locations, and you’re welcome to change outfits if you’d like.

What types of shoots do you offer?

I love any opportunity for a candid, documentary approach to shooting. Some of my faves include engagements, in-home shoots and family (at any age). I’ve also been honored to take some portraits for friends who’ve had family members on hospice. Regardless of where you are in life I think it’s wonderful to document your family when you can. In addition to having the photos, the experience can be rewarding just by getting everyone together.

Will you tell us what to do?

My goal is to photograph you being yourselves. I do give some direction to keep things comfortable, but I love it when you have the opportunity to move around and do what comes naturally. I promise not to leave you hanging, and I’m happy to help when anyone says, “What do I do with my hands!?” There have been many times when people were nervous going into photos and afterwards they, seemingly surprised, said, “That was fun!”

Should we bring our dog?

Yes! If you would like to include animals I suggest taking photos with them in a location where they’re comfortable and not too distracted (possibly at/near home), either towards the beginning or end of the shoot. You may want to consider bringing treats, too. :)

What about weather?

My favorite shooting situation is either sunny or slightly cloudy. If it’s raining (or so cloudy that it feels dark/dreary) then I think it’s best to reschedule vs. trying to find a different location at the last minute. If rescheduling is not an option I have a couple of go-to spots for rainy days.

How do we book a shoot?

After we pick a time and location that works well I'll send a contract and invoice with the option to pay online. Pricing for a portrait shoot is $525, which can be paid upon booking to reserve your date.

What is included?

I deliver edited photos through an online gallery where you can download, share, and order prints. Though I don't have a set amount of photos I deliver it is usually between 50-75 per hour of shooting.