Mary Alice + Matt’s Belle Mina and Isom’s Orchard Portraits | Athens, AL

1028 alabama bridal photo

Mary Alice and Matt had a truly gorgeous wedding last month, and I’m so happy to have been there! It took place at Mary Alice’s family orchard, Isom’s Orchard, in Athens. Last weekend, Mr. and Mrs. Blizzard got back into their awesome wedding clothes (including MA’s gorgeous Jenny Packham dress!) for some more casual photos together. This shoot was so laid back and fun. Post-bridal photos are definitely at the top of my list for favorite shoots, and I love it when couples are open to doing them. While I really enjoy the excitement of the wedding day, it’s also nice to have a little extra time to take photos on a more relaxed schedule. Plus, we were able to do quite a few locations!

Mary Alice had mentioned possibly doing some photos in the tiny town of Belle Mina. The photos I saw online were really cute, so I stopped by to check it out – and fell in love! There’s not much there, but the few buildings they have are little gems! And they are all about three seconds away from each other, so it was easy to make use of a lot of cute spots. As the sun started to set, we went back to Isom’s Orchard to get a few photos with Mary Alice and Matt’s adorable dogs, Lola and Nelson. We headed over to the peach rows and pond where their reception took place last month. Unfortunately, the peach tree leaves had mostly fallen by the time of the shoot – but luckily there was ONE row that was still fairly lush! Love the photos we took at sunset, and it was great having the pups join us!

So happy to have worked with this lovely couple again. They are so much fun to be around, and incredibly sweet, too!

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Lola is such a lady, crossing those little legs!

1026 alabama bridal photo1025 alabama bridal photo

It was a little more difficult trying to get Nelson to sit still for a family portrait – but Matt was able to coerce him with some fruit!

1031 alabama bridal photo 1033 alabama bridal photo1032 alabama bridal photo

Thank you, Mary Alice and Matt! It was so fun seeing you again!