Hi, I'm MM!

I've been taking wedding photos since I was an art major at Montevallo. While I was in college I shot my first wedding, 12 years ago!

After working from home for several years I took an opportunity in 2018 to join a shared studio in downtown B'ham with some other creative friends. I love this city and it has been an awesome experience having a workspace in an area with so much growth and excitement!

Lately I've missed the learning environment I had in art school so I've been seeking out creative classes around town. So far I've taken painting, printmaking and calligraphy classes. I've always loved lettering (usually writing names and addresses with calligraphy nibs or brush pens). Because of this one of my favorite parts of my photo biz is sending out "happy mail" when I've finished editing photos.

Brett and I live in a little condo with several gallery walls. I'm not looking forward to the day when we take down all the frames and have a million holes to patch, but it has been fun decorating our first home. We went through the tidying process a few years ago and I thought we were moving more toward a minimalist home. Turns out we're more into maximalism! It would make me happy if every surface was covered in wallpaper. We're not there yet, but slowly taking steps in that direction.

We are big animal-lovers! We currently have 2 dogs (Liesl + Fritz) and 1 cat (Opie). Brett and I are both vegan. We love cooking at home together and trying out new plant-based food when we travel. Brett is more of a recipe person and I just kind of throw things in and go "whatever!" - for this reason I do not bake (and for this reason Brett does most of the cooking).

Ok, now I want to hear about you! I would love to know some of your favorite things and hear what you have in mind for your wedding/photo session. In a nutshell my approach is very "fly on the wall." To see what this means you can read more about my documentary photography style on my approach page.